Let the Thoughts Flow
Show Me Your Pics!
My name is Jhen.

I'm socially unacceptable and play Poke'mon.

My lingo is outdated, but I'm still pretty rad.

"Desktop Wallpaper" is a collage made by myself back in the day. :]

.:Oh-So Artsy Things;.

I don’t get paid nearly enough to show up at work on time. 


This is called “Body Scapes” and is created by artist John Poppleton.
He uses fluorescent pigment to paint landscapes in female models then photographs them under UV light for the final effect. Beautiful :)

me: (thinks something mean)
me: dont be fucking rude


Vonn Sumner

Arrival, 2006

Pilgramage, 2003

Totem, 2004


society: dare to be different!
society: whoa not THAT different you freak


as a lamp (sagittarius), a star in space (leo)
an illusion (pisces), a dewdrop (gemini), a bubble (libra)
a dream (aries), a cloud (cancer), embroidery (Virgo) a flash of lightning (aquarius)
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time (capricorn), love (scorpio), and gravity (taurus)
the forces of power are invisible

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